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DIY Mini Arabian Oryx Educational Papercraft Kit DIY紙製迷你阿拉伯大羚羊教學模型套材

DIY Mini Arabian Oryx Educational Papercraft Kit DIY紙製迷你阿拉伯大羚羊教學模型套材

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SANDY 是一隻阿拉伯大羚羊 (Arabian Oryx),牠是 Sky Goodies「瀕危野生動物系列」十二種迷你小動物的其中一員。

透過運用我們的DIY紙製教學模型套材, 享受自製迷你瀕危野生動物模型的樂趣,同時認識更多有關瀕危野生動物的知識,學習培養保護大自然美麗物種的態度。

套材尺寸:14.8 cm x 21 cm
製成品尺寸:約 9.2 cm (長) x 3.5 cm (闊) x 9 cm (高)


- 1 款附設印製圖案、裁剪和黏貼位置的組件及製作說明的DIY套材

- 關於該款動物的教學知識



Did you know that the Arabian Oryx has such an amzing sense of smell that it can sense rain and follow the smell to feed on new grasses? Learn more about the arabian oryx and have fun making a miniature paper model of your own!

SANDY, the Arabian Oryx, is part of the 'Endangered Wildlife' DIY Mini Friends series of 12 Educational Collectible Toys, from Sky Goodies.

This is a great activity and learning tool for kids and adults, to spread awareness about animal species disappearing from our planet. The kit includes friendly facts about the animals and offers hours of creative pretend play. In the process, we get to know a bit about tigers and why they are disappearing, so we can help in some way towards conservation of this beautiful species.

Kit size is 14.8 cm by 21 cm. 
Final assembled size, is approximately
9.2 cm (L) x 3.5 cm (W) x 9 cm (H)


- 1 pre-printed, pre-cut, pre-creased DIY Kit, with press-out parts, and assembly instructions
- Educational facts about the animal

Art color may vary from monitor to monitor, depending on your settings, due to which the actual color of the kit may differ slightly.

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