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DIY Mini Gramophone Box: Colorful DIY 迷你紙製留聲機模型

DIY Mini Gramophone Box: Colorful DIY 迷你紙製留聲機模型

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- 附設2張印製留聲機圖案、摺合和黏貼位置的A4尺寸紙模

- 封面背面印有製作說明


Bring vintage to life with this beautiful and grand miniature gramophone box. Gift it to a musical friend, or add a dash of nostalgia to your tabletop. It makes a lovely package for a small gift, or can be used to hold chocolates or small knick-knacks.

- 2 pre-printed, pre-cut, pre-creased A4 size sheets, with the gramophone design.
- Cover sheet with instructions at the back.

Art color may vary from monitor to monitor, depending on your settings, due to which the actual color of the kit may differ slightly.
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